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JUNE 7, 2017


My friend Cathi Huff spreading so much happiness in the world!!!

Dr. Sarah

Create a life that doesn't make you

dread Monday mornings!

Check out Milton's goat yoga


People often ask... "why yoga with goats?". Look at our faces. We are filled with pure joy! Animal therapy mixed with an ancient practice can not go wrong! See for yourself


This was a delightful morning. Owner Cathi Huff and instructor Joann Fuller are wonderful hosts. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the farm, were able to visit with horses, rabbits and do yoga with the goats! Fantastic venue for a day out with the girls.


We loved your farm and our morning! Look forward to coming back to visit!


Ever been head butted while doing yoga? Here's your chance to try it. Sunshine and happiness at Goga