Hope for Heather

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One of our beautiful Gogis, Heather Callahan Williams, 24, has been diagnosed with Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma, a form of blood cancer. In honor of September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Blood Cancer Awareness Month, please read Heather's full story below, and kindly take action to support her in any of the following ways:


Heather's Story

As a patient, Heather is considered “medically complex.” Her diagnosis is compounded by debilitating conditions such as POTS, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, GI Dysmotility, migraines, seizures, and adrenal insufficiency. 


But as a soul, Heather is vast and infinite. Her being cannot be reduced to a list of diagnoses in sterile, medical terms. Her mind is uniquely wise, her heart is authentically kind, and her energy sparkles with a zest for life – despite it treating her so unfairly.

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She is strong, selfless, and compassionate.

Gripped by persistent pain and fatigue, Heather is determined to live as fully as she can. But determination alone cannot alleviate the burden. Until now – with the exception of her husband, Ryan, and her dog, Biscuit – Heather has dealt with this all on her own.


In 2018, she aged out of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) and has since returned to work as a Certified Medical Assistant. Heather's profound empathy and passion for humanity translate as beautifully to her animal friends as they do to children.

She is worthy of love – the kind she gives so freely.

Less than a minute into our first phone conversation, it became clear our paths crossed for a reason. Cathi immediately felt called to embrace Heather and welcome her into our world of wellness, and (of course) give her some good, old-fashioned animal therapy.

On August 13, Heather visited the Farm and spent the day bonding with the Goat Girls, Dolly the Donkey, Charlie the Basset, but most of all: Lenny the Llama. As you can see, they are now best friends!

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She deserves better and needs our help.

Heather has always wanted to do goat yoga, and she asked if we had any classes later this fall. By then, she was slated to complete a promising clinical trial at the Mayo Clinic, after which she would be recovered and ready to GOGA. The trial was a “Hail Mary” treatment, one she had been holding out hope for months. 


The next week, Heather was told there had been a mistake, and her insurance will no longer be covering the trial. The out-of-pocket cost is now between $30,000 and $60,000 which would be financially devastating for her young family.

Support this beautiful, special young woman.

No 24-year-old should have to mourn their future, especially not our Heather. As we walk with her on this journey, we ask for your help in supporting her financially if you are able. Contributions can be made directly to her Venmo account: @heathercallahan28. No amount is insignificant – any support she receives will mean the world to her (and Lenny).