Proprietor/Owner: Atlantis Dream Farm | GOGA Instructor

Digestive Nutrition Certification:

September 2015 | Holistic Nutrition Lab

Gut Health Certification:

August 2018 | Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach:

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

September 2014

Hormone Cure Practitioner:

Trained in the Hormone Cure & Gottfried Protocol | July 2015

Certified Reiki Practitioner:

Usui System of Natural Healing/Usui Reiki

Tradition | June 2018


Yoga Instructor Certification:

Yoga Renew

May 2016

Barre Yoga Certification:

Barre Above

January, 2018

Senior Chair Yoga:


June 2019

Graduate of Transcendental Meditation Program

June 2015

Meditation Certification:

Transformation Meditation

November, 2017

Mindfulness based Stress Reduction Certification:


September, 2019

Certificate in Mindfulness

University of West Georgia

At the age of 50, after fulfilling my dream of becoming an triathlete, it was time to tackle another item on my bucket list - Horseback Riding. I had wanted a horse ever since I was a little girl. After a little searching, I met Bronx - a retired racehorse from New York. 

My first lesson was quite challenging as he was so spirited and I a rookie rider. I fell hard for him as he had such a handsome face.

Fast forward a few years and now another dream of mine has come true. I am now able to look out of my kitchen window and see my beloved Bronx at home in my pasture on Atlantis Dream Farm!

Of course he needed some friends so our little red barn quickly became home to lot more family. After the Goat Girls joined our family and Atlantis Dream Farm became a happy haven for many, many friends, I realized that I wanted to share my little oasis of happiness and my love for yoga with as many people as I could. GOGA was born!