Atlantis Dream Farm is just that - a DREAM Farm! What started out as a home for my beloved Bronx has become an oasis of happy for my family and I. Our farm has quickly grown from one amazing thoroughbred (Bronx) to a family of goats, pigs, lambs, cats, pups chickens and Dolly the Donkey.

I quickly learned that Atlantis Dream Farm was not only my oasis of happiness but a place that my friends would come to every week to feel peaceful and happy. I knew that I wanted to share this with others and wanted to incorporate my health coaching and love of nature into something that others could enjoy and benefit from. 

And so GOGA was born. 

Whether you are a first timer or have been practicing yoga for years, you will walk away from your GOGA session feeling relaxed, refreshed and happy. Our yoga instructors will take you through a zen-ful yoga session to ensure you are relaxed and refreshed and the Goat Girls will ensure you are happy. Join us today!



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PRIVATE EVENTS: Atlantis Dream Farm

– Booking starts April 8, 2021 –


Call Cathi at 770-845-1018 to book a Private Session, Business Team, Sports Team or Special Event for Spring, Summer, Fall 2021.  (Minimum of 10 Participants) 

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